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Our sponsors

As a non-profit organisation we have relied on our sponsors' commitment to enable women in the tech industry. We gratefully appreciate their support in building the WIT Summit 2020. Representatives from some of our sponsors will be at the event if you would like to meet with them.

“We stand for unity across diversity.”

WIT Summit 2020

You want to volunteer?

We’re always looking for people to share their skills with the community. Do you think you have something that can help others progress in their career? Whether you are a designer, a developer, an architecture or a data scientist, we want to hear from you!

There are currently options to be a speaker, lead a workshop, be a member of the Women in Tech Oslo Team or simply provide support during a workshop.


About us

Women in Tech Oslo is a non-profit organisation that provides hands on tech workshops. Our aim is to build a community where women can strengthen their skills, decide if a career in tech is for them and make steps up the tech career ladder.

Each workshop leaves participates with new knowledge, applicable skills and something to take home for their portfolio. The goal of our events is to create confidence that anyone can learn programming. That first “aha, I can do that!” moment is crucial for women to choosing the technological pathway. We want you to feel excited, to feel accomplished.

We stand for unity across diversity.

“Let’s invent the future together.”

WIT Summit 2020

“It's not a faith in technology. It's faith in people.”

Steve Jobs


Our event is free but as a non-profit organisation, we appreciate any donations in order to continue providing high quality workshops. You can make a donation via Vipps to "Women in Technology Oslo". #584235