“Intro to pair-programming, Test-Driven Development and Continuous Refactoring”

A coding Dojo is a fun and social way to become a better programmer. In the workshop you will get to try out pair-programming, test-driven development and continuous refactoring for yourself and you get lots of recommendations on how to improve your coding and testing. You will need to bring your own computer with a development environment of your choice.


  1. Live Demo of Test Driven Development. We will code Minesweeper in Java following the principles of pair programming and TDD. (Between: 30-45min)
  2. Group discussion about mastering the code & working together
  3. Hands-on exercise: Leap Year where we will polish TDD rhythm and pair programming manners.
  4. Sum up: How do we learn? How do we code? Code ethics.


  1. Laptop & charger
  2. Install Java from Please try to install the newest Java version, but not Java 14 since it is still in beta.
  3. The code editor you feel comfortable with

Note: Our main language will be Java, but if you prefer to code in C#, it is also okay. You just need to pair with another C# enthusiast

Duration 11:30 - 14:00

Johannes is an experienced coding coach who will guide you through a few hours of programming that will transform your understanding of your craft and yourself as a programmer.