Beginner to intermediate

“Hands on Design thinking | part 2”

Get to know the methodology and how to apply that to work tasks. We will go through 5 steps of design thinking and present our works.

In part 2 we will cover 5 steps of Design Thinking: Empathy, Defining the problem, Ideation, Prototyping, and Testing. The hands-on design thinking will leave you with a finished working prototype that you can use for your portfolio.


  1. Bring your laptop with Powerpoint/Keynote/Figma and creativity!
  2. Paper, pens-pencils
  3. No knowledge pre-required

Duration 15:00 - 17:00


  1. Ideation | In-depth session on Ideation phase. Brainstorming session related to our mission, synthesis of generated ideas
  2. Prototype/testing | On this step we are going to take the best ideas and make into something tangible to share, review with potential end-users for feedback, revise and iterate as needed
  3. Presentations | Share potential solutions and discuss findings, review presentation and storytelling skills, create final presentations
  4. Wrap-up | Reflect on what we have learned: discuss plans for using Design Thinking at work